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In 2018 Turkey announced to modify their Turkish Citizenship Investment Program, allowing new comers to acquire citizenship from spending as little as 250,000 USD – making it one of the most affordable and attractive citizenship program by investment.
Family – The applicant’s family will also be granted the citizenship including the applicant’s spouse and children under 18 years, and children born after.
Visa Free Travel – Those who hold a Turkish passport can travel to 104 countries without visa or receive the visa on arrival. The Turkish Passport ranks among the top 30 passports in the World. It is renewable every 10 years.
Work – You can work in Turkey upon receiving the nationality (previously a work permit was needed). Turkey is the gateway between Europe and the Middle East which opens up more opportunity.
Healthcare – With citizenship you will have access to state healthcare which is much cheaper than private and access to insurance policies. You will have the ability to vote in the national elections. Have access to apply for state pension and Turkish loans.
Minimum Residency – With this citizenship you can come and go from Turkey as you wish without any problem of minimum residency. Living in Turkey is not obligatory when you are granted the citizenship.